Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below for BRHP homeowners.

Home Ownership

Except in the case of a family that qualifies as an elderly or disabled family, other family members shall not receive homeownership assistance for more than:

  • 15 years, if the initial mortgage incurred to finance the purchase of the home has a term of 20 years or longer; or
  • 10 years, in all other cases

The maximum term described above applies to any member of the family who:

  • has an ownership interest in the unit during the time that homeownership payments are made; or
  • is the spouse of any member of the household who has an ownership interest in the unit during the time homeownership payments are made

BRHP may only pay homeownership assistance while the family is residing in the home.

  • If the family moves out of the home, BRHP may not continue homeownership assistance after the month when the family moves out.
  • The family or lender is not required to refund BRHP the homeownership assistance for the month when the family moves out.

You should report a change to BRHP if you experience:

  • Escrow statements – provide a statement (Change in mortgage amount – provide updated mortgage statements)
  • Notice of default – provide foreclosure letter
  • Change in mortgage company – provide a letter from the company
  • Change in income – provide paystub or letter from employer

You should submit a change to us in the following ways:

Yes, BRHP performs an annual examination. You must report household income once a year. You will need to provide proof of income for all sources.

No, BRHP doesn’t inspect assisted homes in this program.

Yes, but you will have to pay back the money you owe for the mortgage/remaining balance. Contact FaShaunDa Walton at for more information or any questions regarding this matter.

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