New Beginnings


Thank you for partnering with us for your housing journey. Housing is the foundation that influences so many aspects of life, from education and health to economic opportunities and relationships. We know that you want the best for your family – and we do too. That is why the staff at BRHP is committed to providing you with the tools to prepare you to receive your housing mobility voucher and have a successful tenancy in a new community.

From the time you submit your application, go through your workshop series, obtain your voucher, search for your new home, move in, and transition to your new community – BRHP is with you every step of the way. Consider this website a part of your toolbox, and be sure to read through the forms, resources, and FAQs to help you become an informed BRHP participant.

The more informed you are, the more successful you will be. We want you to thrive in our program to be able to reach the dreams and goals you have for yourself and your family. Congratulations on taking the first step.

To access our learning management portal to complete workshops or voucher issuance courses, please click here and sign in.


Thank you for applying to the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program. Whether you are on our waitlist or starting your pre-move counseling, now is the time to prepare for your move and we are happy to assist.


As a resident, you’ve either:

  1. Completed your counseling workshops, received your voucher, and are searching for your new home or
  2. Found your new home and are adjusting to your new community

Either way, we are your partners in this journey and here to support your search and tenancy. How may we support you?

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