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Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership

The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that expands housing choices for families with low incomes, who have been excluded from housing in well-resourced neighborhoods, helping them access and transition to safe, healthy and economically vibrant communities.

BRHP, a Housing Authority of Baltimore City subcontractor, was launched in 2012 to administer the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program and other remedies that following the landmark housing desegregation lawsuit Thompson v. HUD. As the administrator of the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, BRHP has helped over 5,000 families improve their quality of life as they search for new homes. BRHP couples Housing Choice Voucher administration with pre-and post-move counseling expanding housing choices for families with low incomes.

After closing the program waitlist in 2017, BRHP remains committed to helping families in Baltimore seek affordable housing. If there is an opportunity to reopen applications to the public, BRHP will provide ample public notice.

Mobility Works

BRHP is a member of Mobility Works, a collaboration of non-profits, researchers and policy experts that work to help low-income families move from poor, segregated neighborhoods into diverse communities with high performing schools.

Through Mobility Works, BRHP shares lessons learned with other housing authorities and service providers throughout the nation. We have had engagements with public housing agencies in New York City, Buffalo, Charlotte, Pittsburgh and Wilmington. Through our work with Mobility Works, we hope to support the expansion of housing mobility programs nation-wide.

Baltimore Regional Project-Based Voucher Initiative

BRHP is at the forefront of innovative approaches to accessing affordable housing in high opportunity areas. Since 2015, BRHP has partnered with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) and five local public housing agencies to provide project-based vouchers to local property owners and developers to rent units to families with low-incomes through the Baltimore Regional Project-Based Voucher Initiative. Unlike Housing Choice Vouchers, these project-based vouchers stay with a rental unit as each tenant moves in and out. The partnership has committed 150 vouchers to the initiative, adding 50 additional vouchers in 2020. With 64 vouchers awarded through 2019, 86 remain in 2020.

Partners of the Baltimore Regional Project-Based Voucher Initiative include the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, Baltimore County Office of Housing, Harford County Housing and Community Development, Housing Authority of Baltimore City, Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis, Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County, and Howard County Housing Commission


BRHP has been involved in numerous efforts to expand fair housing opportunities and equity efforts in the Baltimore Region, including championing local and national policy and community-based work. We will continue to champion efforts to promote inclusive and affordable housing development throughout the region and nation.

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