You’re on Your Way

Thank you for applying to the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program. Whether you are on our waitlist or starting your pre-move counseling, now is the time to prepare for your move and we are happy to assist.

How Should I Prepare

Check your credit report

Get a free credit report from each of the major credit bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion—once a year at Review the reports to see if you have major debts that might make it hard for you to lease a home. If you have state or federal tax judgments, learn how to get on a payment plan.

Pay your bills on time and work on your credit

This is the best way to build your credit. Check your credit score online (for example, at or Apply for a secured credit card if you don’t have much credit history. Try to keep the credit balance under 30% of your credit limit for each of your credit cards.

Make a Budget (and stick to it!)

Write down your household earnings and how much is spent monthly . If your spending is more than your income, determine what spending is a necessity and what is not.

Apply for all the benefits for which you qualify

If eligible for food stamps, SSI, SSDIor other benefits, apply for them.

Think about where to live

New voucher holders in our program must live in an Opportunity Area for at least two years. These are areas with good schools, jobs, and low crime throughout the Baltimore region in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford and Howard Counties, as well as in Baltimore City.

How Our Program Works

Do you Need Immediate Housing Assistance?

Homelessness is not a choice or something that changes overnight. We are all one significant life event away from being unstably housed. Although BRHP does not provide immediate housing assistance, there are several programs available in Baltimore City and the surrounding counties that offer assistance. For additional information, please contact the following resources:

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