Baltimore Housing Mobility Program

Since 2012, BRHP has administered the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, a regional housing voucher program that addresses racial and economic inequalities for low-income families across the region. Participants include former residents of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City and families within high poverty neighborhoods in Baltimore City. Because many participants are families, they benefit from the long-term educational, health, and economic opportunities afforded through housing mobility.

The core of the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program is the counseling program, which provides a range of benefits to participants, including financial literacy, landlord-tenant mediation, professional coaching and educational and health-related opportunities in their new neighborhood. Participants receive benefits for up to two years and during each stage of participation: pre-move, housing search, post-move and secondary-move if necessary. The program acts as an advocate for program participants, by engaging with property owners throughout the Baltimore region and educating them on the benefits and opportunities of renting to our housing voucher recipients.

Our counseling program consists of three components, to prepare participants to enter the housing rental market in high-opportunity areas, find a suitable unit, and adjust to life in a new community.

Pre-Move Counseling

Pre-move counseling consists of a workshop series and a one-on-one session with a counselor. The workshop series are two-hour meetings— an orientation session, followed by six interactive workshops. These workshops include:

  • Going for your Goals
  • Credit Education
  • Banking and Budgeting
  • Home Maintenance
  • Landlord-Tenant Relations
  • Conducting a Successful Housing Search

BRHP also provides housing search assistance to new and existing voucher holders. Workshops are held once a month to help in the search process. At request, our housing search counselors provide unit tours to preview units and ensure the best fit for their lifestyle. Housing search counselors can also accompany participants to meetings with landlords to ask questions and facilitate the relationship.

Rental Assistance

BRHP administers two types of rental assistance programs through the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, a Housing Choice Voucher Program: tenant-based vouchers and project-based vouchers. BRHP participants receive their tenant-based vouchers following the completion of their pre-move counseling requirements. BRHP administers project-based vouchers as a participant in the Baltimore Regional Project-Based Voucher Program with five other public housing agencies, and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC). The program provides housing vouchers to qualified and experienced developers for the development of affordable housing, including new construction, substantial rehabilitation, or existing housing. This effort encourages affordable housing development in areas of opportunity in the Baltimore region.

Post-Move Counseling

Counseling services do not end once transitioned to a new home; participants have two years of post-move counseling to support their tenancy and transition. Participants that make a move also receive these additional services. We have post-move counselors who conduct routine check-ins by phone and in-person, mediate conflicts between tenants and landlords and provide support for other challenges.

Program Compliance

We value your participation in our program and want to ensure its continued success. By staying compliant and submitting documents and responses in a timely manner, you contribute to the efficiency of our processes and maximize the benefits you receive. Review this list of Do’s/Dont’s and most common reason for termination from our program. By adhering to these requirements, you not only ensure the smooth operation of our program but also benefit from the various advantages it offers.

Regional Project-Based Voucher (RPBV) Program

The Regional Project Based Voucher (RPBV) Program is a joint effort between six Public Housing Authorities throughout the Baltimore Region, the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP), and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC). The goal of the Program is to encourage the development of quality affordable rental housing in high opportunity areas – safe neighborhoods with good public schools near job growth within metropolitan Baltimore using PBV in newly constructed, rehabilitated, or existing housing. The Baltimore Regional PBV Program was created to address the region’s current shortage of quality affordable rental housing and to promote a more equitable distribution of affordable housing opportunities.

More information about the RPBV Program can be found here.

Healthy Children Voucher Demonstration (HCD)

The Healthy Children Voucher Demonstration (HCD) is a new initiative that couples Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) vouchers with Mobility Counseling services offered by the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP). HCD is intended for families with an HABC, tenant-based voucher, who have a health need that may be better met and addressed by moving to a new home or community. BRHP is partnering with Baltimore-based healthcare providers who will refer families to the program, including partners in the Baltimore City Health Department and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Beginning October 3rd, 2022, BRHP will accept referrals from our healthcare partners, and will assist up to 150 families in finding healthy, safe housing.

More information about the HCD can be found here.

If you are a healthcare provider partnering with BRHP, our referral form can be found here.

Growing Assets and Income (GAIN)

The Growing Assets and Income program (GAIN) is a voluntary program available to eligible families who are motivated to achieve their financial goals. The program is BRHP’s adaption of the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program, which enables HUD-assisted families to increase their earned income and reduce their dependency on public subsidies. The GAIN program has established four tracks that participants can enroll in: Career, Education, Financial Health, and Homeownership. Each track has specific eligibility criteria, and all participants are eligible for at least one track. Participants must identify, work towards, and complete a set of goals within their chosen track(s). As they complete their identified goals, they earn escrow payments ranging from $50 to $5,000.

More information about the GAIN program can be found here.

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