Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services

The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP) provides consulting services to public housing authorities, local governments, and nonprofit organizations interested in starting or improving their HCV or housing mobility programs. As a nationally recognized model of an effective housing mobility program operating at scale, BRHP staff have expertise in all aspects of housing mobility, housing counseling services, and voucher administration.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact our Managing Director for Research & Innovation, Pete Cimbolic, at or (667) 207-2150.

Program Design and Structure

BRHP will work with your agency to develop a program design tailored to your agency that incorporates best practices in housing mobility.  With extensive experience operating a highly successful program, BRHP is well positioned to anticipate hurdles and develop a program design that will help ensure success, at any scale.

Opportunity Mapping

With a robust data analysis and visualization capability, BRHP can create innovative tools and interactive maps to help your agency identify opportunity areas, compare opportunity indices developed for your geography, and provide detailed reporting dashboards with the availability of units, impact on current population, and payment standard implications for varying opportunity map scenarios.

Counseling Training

BRHP has assisted and prepared over 5,000 families in their move to a low-poverty, resource-rich neighborhood. Over the years of serving these families, BRHP has developed a counseling curriculum that both empowers the families and removes barriers to accessing these neighborhoods. BRHP has also developed a breadth of content for assessments and client case management tracking. We can work with your agency to develop content specific to your program, or offer a tried and true solution based on  our model.

Program Evaluation

From client surveys to analysis of success rate, attrition at each step of the program, and geographic information system (GIS) based mapping and analysis, BRHP can handle all phases of program evaluation.

Leveraging Technology

BRHP has developed many tools that enable greater knowledge-sharing and efficiency for staff, clients, landlords, and other partner agencies. These tools include:

  • On-line unit search tool that allows families and landlords to determine if an address is in an opportunity area, as well as other neighborhood and school attributes, and makes managing multiple payment standards far easier.
  • Other tools to help manage multiple payment standards across census-tracts, zip codes, or other geographies.
  • Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program services and tools, such as unit affordability calculators, forecasting and modeling, and report scripting.

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