Request to Move Form


If you want to move from your current assisted unit with the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, you must submit a Request to Move application at least 150 to 180 days before the date you plan to move.
You must get approval to move from the Program before:
• giving your landlord notice
• moving out of your unit

The Head of Household (HOH) must fill in and sign the Request to Move form

You must submit a copy of your current lease and current utility bills with no past due balance with the request to move application. These may be uploaded as attachments with the form.

If applicable, you must submit a copy of the Notice to Vacate / Non-Lease Renewal.

1. Attend a Mover’s Workshop
At the group workshop, you will learn about moving with BRHP. You will also meet with a
housing counselor to review:
• Your lease
• Your BGE bill
• Notice to your landlord
• The walk-through with your landlord
• Planning and saving for the security deposit and other moving expenses

2. Attend a Voucher Briefing
You must attend to get your voucher to move. Voucher Briefing will be about 6 to 8 weeks
before your move or lease end date.

BRHP may deny a move due to the following:

  • If you are not current on rent, BGE or water bill payments
  • You do not allow BRHP or the landlord to inspect or repair the unit at a reasonable time during the day and after reasonable notice
  • If the family is responsible for a violation of the Housing Quality Standards
  • If the family commits any serious or repeated violation of the lease, including any drug related or violent crime
  • If you owe the Program money for any reason

For more information, or if you are disabled and need assistance, call 410-223-2222.

  • You must get approval from BRHP before moving out of the unit.
  • Only give your landlord notice after you have approval to move from BRHP.
  • You must give the landlord notice in accordance with the terms of your lease before moving out of the unit.
  • Failure to give notice to either BRHP or the landlord is a violation of the Program’s OBLIGATIONS OF THE FAMILY
  • You must not move out of your assisted unit without a new Housing Choice Voucher.
  • The Program will deny or terminate your housing assistance if you fail to comply

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