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Property owners who participate in the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program are more than landlords to us, they are partners and that’s why we call them property partners. At the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP), we have over 2,000 dedicated property partners that provide a home, a foundation, and a community to over 4,300 deserving families across the Baltimore region. Property partners provide pathways to opportunities and better life outcomes for families who may not have otherwise been in a position to achieve their dreams for themselves and their families.

We are always seeking qualified property owners to join our partnership. As a valued property owner in the Baltimore region, you are invited to learn more about the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program. On this webinar, you’ll learn how to lease with us, the benefits of our program, anti-discrimination law, how to pass inspections, and more. We want our property partners to be successful and this orientation is the first step.

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