Damages Pool Request

BRHP may provide damage loss payments equivalent to the lowest of two months of HAP or $2,000 per unit for owners to cover costs, beyond normal wear and tear, which are not covered by the security deposit, provided that the owner agrees to lease the unit to another BRHP client within 60 days from the date that the owner notifies BRHP of the damages. BRHP will not reimburse for tools needed to repair damages, landlord’s personal time to repair damages or other activities related to the claim, items allegedly stolen, or damages not represented in a move-in/out condition report. Requests for damage claims must be submitted within 30 days of the tenant vacating the unit or owner re-taking possession. BRHP may inspect the unit to validate the owner’s damage claim.
Requests for damage-repair funding may not exceed $2,000 per unit and will require estimates, documentation of repairs, and receipts. An owner may not receive more than $3,000 in damages claims from BRHP in a year.

Complete the form below to begin the damages pool request. Additional information may be requested from BRHP staff at any time. Processing of request and any funds provided will take approximately 60 days.

BRHP may require mediation with a tenant and/or may request information from tenants in order to substantiate claim requests.

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