GAIN Program

About GAIN

How It Works

Participants will work with a financial coach to establish and achieve their financial goals, receiving monetary incentives when they achieve milestones in education, career, financial health, and homeownership. Payments are deposited in an interest-bearing account called an escrow account to grow their savings. Savings are accessible at the end of the program. The program is up to five years, but participants can graduate early if they complete their goals and fulfill the program requirements. The GAIN program is limited to 250 households.

Program Tracks


Participants on the education track are working to achieve their education goals, which can include completing a GED, enrolling in college, participating in career training, completing a college degree or career certification, opening a 529 college savings plan, or continuing education.


Participants on the career track are working to achieve their career goals, which can include maintaining full time employment and earning a raise.

Financial Health

Participants on the financial health track are working to improve their financial habits, which can include making on-time rent payments, attending a financial workshop, and reaching credit score and savings milestones.


Participants on the homeownership track are working to reach their homeownership goals, which can include completing a homebuyer education course and reaching settlement.

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