GAIN Program

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below for GAIN participants.

The Growing Assets and Income (GAIN) Program is available to current BRHP participants. Any adult member of a household can apply. To be eligible for the program, you must:

  • Be an active participant in BRHP’s program
  • Be in compliance with BRHP’s Family Obligations
  • Attend a GAIN orientation before enrolling in a track

There are additional eligibility requirements for each GAIN track that applicants will learn more about during orientation.

50% of participants will be selected based on their time in the program, with those who have been BRHP participants longer being selected first. The other 50% of participants will be randomly selected from the pool of GAIN applicants. BRHP is seeking participants who are strongly motivated to achieve their goals.

No, participation in GAIN does not affect an individual’s eligibility for subsidized housing.

Participants have the option to extend their participation up to 2 years.

As participants complete their identified goals, they earn escrow payments, which vary based on selected track and milestones, for a total amount of up to $8,000.

During the program, access to the funds in the escrow account is restricted and may only be used towards furthering the goals outlined by the program. Upon graduation, a participant will have access to their full escrow accounts without restriction.

While participants will initially choose one track, they can enter a new track if they become eligible over the course of participation. They must be able to meet the track goals before the end of their contract.

Participants can add and remove goals as needed and can change tracks if they become eligible and can meet track goals before the end of their contract. There are two required goals that cannot be changed:

  • One interim goal must be for the Head of Household to seek and maintain suitable employment
  • One interim goal must be to be free of cash welfare assistance (TCA) 12 months prior to graduation

Yes, any adult member of a current BRHP household can apply.

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