Kezia Robinson joined BRHP as a communications and special projects intern for the spring and summer semesters. In this Q&A, Kezia shares why she joined our team, what she’s been working on, and what she’ll take away from her time with us.

Can you share a little bit about yourself and why you chose the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership for your internship?

My name is Kezia Robinson. I came across the internship opportunity at BRHP from an advertisement on my school’s job board. I vaguely remembered hearing about their program in the news a couple of years ago, where they interviewed a woman who recently moved to Baltimore County from Baltimore City through the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program. The woman discussed how she was glad that she and her children were given the opportunity to have a better life. I decided to apply.

What have you been working on during your internship?

I helped BRHP with their social media presence, including drafting posts and graphics for their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. I also had the opportunity to write content for their new website. In the process, I learned how to use WordPress and discovered it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be. I also assisted with writing newsletters and email campaigns where we provided pertinent information to BRHP participants, property partners, and supporters. Early on in my internship, the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and I had to adapt my workflow to remote working like the rest of the team. The transition was fairly smooth and I was grateful I was able to stay employed when there was a wave of mass unemployment.

How do you think you’ve helped our team with its mission?

I helped the team by providing support and keeping the line of communication open with the public. This is especially important during a public health crisis. I think that the projects that I worked on like BRHP’s COVID-19 Resource Guide, really made a difference. I hope that it helped a lot of people. I think doing this helped to further BRHP’s impact in the community.

Did anything surprise you about working at BRHP?

Initially, I was surprised that they offered pre and post move counseling to their clients. I had assumed that their clients only received a voucher and were left to their own devices. It’s good to know that they receive additional support.

What have you learned during this internship that you can apply in the future?

One of my goals when starting this internship was to learn how to write for social media and I got that opportunity at BRHP. I didn’t really know much about doing that when I first started and I think that I am pretty well versed in it now. I was also able to add more graphic design work to my portfolio and learn a few tips that I can apply to my own housing search.

BRHP is always seeking student interns, particularly from the Baltimore region. If you are interested in furthering our mission and being considered for a paid or school credit internship, please send your resume and cover letter to

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