Activity For Child Enrichment

This stipend is a new initiative BRHP is launching in Summer 2023 that is aimed at assisting children in the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program to pursue and participate in activities, extracurriculars, and other vital programs. BRHP will automatically issue this stipend to eligible families in our program.

About A.C.E.

What’s it for?

Living in opportunity neighborhoods offers access to great resources for kids and families, and BRHP hopes to make those resources more accessible through the ACE stipend. These funds can contribute to the cost of summer camp, afterschool programs, and sports and hobbies that might require fees. Additionally, this stipend may be used for expenses associated with these activities, such as sports equipment, travel fees, and other related costs.  

Who is Eligible?

BRHP will automatically issue this stipend to eligible families in our program.  Families with children ages 5-14 will automatically receive payments of $403 per child to help make activities such as summer camp, sports, and other extracurricular activities possible.

If families have more than one child aged 5-14, they will receive a payment amount for each eligible child.

When and how will payments be issued? 

Eligible families will receive PNC pay cards by July 31. Funds will be released to the cards mid-August. If you do not receive your card by August 1, please give us a call at 410 223 2222.

I have one or more eligible children that I did not receive a payment for, why?

There could be two reasons you have not received payment yet:

  1. If a child was added to your household after late June, they were not included in the first batch of payments. You can expect to receive an additional payment in the fall.
  2. If you were not in a BRHP assisted unit in late June, your household was not included in the first batch of payments. You should expect should expect a payment in the fall, if you are in a unit at that time. 

Programs In Your Neighborhood

Check out this list of child activities and programs happening in your backyard. Although you may use your funds for summer camp this year, many camps are closed. Check this list in early 2024 for updated summer camp enrollment dates for 2024. Remember that you may use your ACE stipend any time between receiving your funds and December 31, 2024.

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