Dominique joined the BRHP program in June of 2012. At the time, she was living in a Baltimore Housing Authority Development in Cherry Hill with her nine-year-old daughter. She grew up in this same community.

Dominique talked about how it was a small community, but there were a lot of people living there. Overcrowding was an issue. This overcrowding and concentration of poverty meant that violence and drugs were an ever-present reality. Dominique heard about BRHP through her sister, who had already moved with BRHP, and she knew she needed to apply. She didn’t want her daughter to grow up in the same environment she did.

Dominique loved the workshops and counseling offered by BRHP. When asked about her experience with our program she said, “What I liked most about BRHP is that they help you with your credit and they help you pay off your debt… They [the workshops] helped me become more responsible with my money because the finance class showed me how to spend my money, to pay my bills first and to have a spending limit.” As a young mother her time in the workshops and counseling helped her “grow as a person and as a parent.” Once Dominique finished her counseling requirements, she used the BRHP search tool to find a new home in her preferred area, Columbia.

Dominique described her new home in Columbia as “a breath of fresh air.” It was located in a quiet area, the management was “awesome,” there was a library across the parking lot and, most importantly, it was safe. Her daughter adjusted well to her new school and was thankful for the experiences she was able to have there. After two years, Dominique decided to move her family up to Baltimore County so that her daughter could attend an area high school there. She wanted her daughter to attend a high school where she could take dual classes and receive college credit.

Thankfully, with BRHP, she had the freedom to move to her desired location. Once in Baltimore County, she and her now husband had a son. Her family stayed with the BRHP program for 3 additional years.

In May of 2019 Dominique and her family decided to withdraw from the BRHP program. She and her husband joined the army and are now stationed in Texas. When asked how BRHP contributed to her success she said the program allowed her to make decisions for her future rather than simply meeting her immediate needs. She no longer had to live paycheck to paycheck; she was able to to save. She said, “The program helped me grow as a person, become more responsible…I would recommend it to anyone. It helps you have something that is your own.”

The program helped me grow as a person, become more responsible… I would recommend it to anyone. It helps you have something that is your own.


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